Hello, I’m Daniel, but my friends call me Dan-EL. Don’t tell me you don’t get the reference.

Over the past four years, I have been deeply engaged in building and nurturing diverse communities, both in the tech and non-tech sectors. As a seasoned Technical Project Manager, I have led a variety of successful product launches, and continue to do so for my network of talented friends.

Currently, I am exploring the possibilities of decentralized science as a contributor at VitaDAO, and I recently started DeSci Africa to create awareness of decentralized science in Africa.

I enjoy watching a lot of movies (some call me a critic), and I am a fan of anime, especially One Piece, which I believe is the greatest work of fiction. I am a DC (Detective Comics) fanboy and my favourite superhero is, without a doubt, Batman. I play video games on my gaming laptop and I often share game clips on my Twitter.

Lastly, I often write about my thoughts and a couple of people have mentioned enjoying my writing, so feel free to read them on Medium.


Buildspace Nights & Weekends S3.


Worked with a team on WatchDog, a Realtime Message, Event, HTTP (Request & Response) and Exception logger and viewer for ASP.Net Core Web Apps and APIs.

Bachelor's of Science, Computer Science, University of Nigeria Nsukka.

Sep 2017 - Nov 2022

Completed 8 semesters towards a bachelor’s degree in computer science. The program covers a wide range of topics such as programming languages, software development, computer architecture, algorithms, data structures, and computer networks.

Future Founder, Y Combinator.


Y Combinator's Future Founder program is an 8-week online course for aspiring founders to learn startup basics. It covers idea generation, product development, fundraising, and growth.